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Premium topics

Where you can find the best that Phaver has to offer ⭐️


Premium topics are paid-for posts and as a result is where you can find the best content .
Premium posts increase the visibility of a post and enable you to earn higher rewards for a post.
  • The cost - Currently its costs 50 Phaver points to make a post into a premium topic
  • The benefit - when people stake on your premium topic post you get 10 Phaver points per stake (current tokenomics)
  • The conclusion - If you make a post into a premium topic, then you will earn more Phaver points than it costs if your posts gets 5 stakes or more.

What Premium is all about?

Premium topics are Phaver's token layer in action.
Simple game theory is used to increase the quality of the content posted of Phaver. When it costs users something to make a post and good quality is rewarded highly - the incentive to post something that is of good quality increases dramatically.
Examples of good and bad posts
Posting something of poor quality that gets 1 stake:
  • It will cost you 50 Points
  • You may get 1 stake (10 Points)
  • = A total loss of 40 points on that post
A great quality post that gets 25 stakes:
  • Will again cost you 50 points
  • but with 25 stakes (250 points)
  • = you earn the reward of 200 additional Phaver points

The Flow: Posting to Premium

  1. 1.
    Make a post like you would normally
  2. 2.
    Select the premium topic that you want to post into
  3. 3.
    View and confirm the topic, points required to make the post + remaining posts before posting
Before posting your premium post - you can change the topic that you choose to post in, see the cost of the post, view available points and also toggle if you want to share the post on Lens or not.
Current premium topics
The 5 current premium topics are pictured above.
  • These 5 topics have changed in the past and are open to changing in the future as the Phaver app and community evolves.
  • We are actively engaging with the community to collect new premium topics and these will be updated on an ongoing basis.
  • The number of points that it costs to post in a premium topic will change over time and will differ between topics.
    • some topics may cost 50 Phaver points and
    • Other topics may cost 200 Phaver points per post

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