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Investors & Partners

Updated: 18-Sep-2023


The investors in the Phaver Seed round include, among many others, Polygon Ventures, Nomad Capital, Symbolic Capital, Foresight Ventures, Alphanonce, dao5, Kyros Ventures, Aulis Ventures, just to name a few, as well as a long list of angels and partners.
Note: Full details of the funding round will be announced during 2nd half of September (press release pending final circulation).

Strategic Partners

  • Lens Protocol as the first social graph and strategic partner
  • CyberConnect as the second social graph and strategic partner
  • XMTP Protocol - as a key pillar of wallet-to-wallet messaging delivered by Phaver (coming soon)
  • Polygon - synergies with the whole Polygon ecosystem as well as Phaver forming an extended part of the Polygon ecosystem through Lens
  • Cointelegraph where we are a member of their accelerator and have an integration to publish all CT content automatically on Phaver and Lens


NFT Community Partners