Phaver-Up NFTs

Updated: 08-May-2024

Phaver announced 3rd April Phaver-Up NFTs to kickstart its on-chain economy, ahead of the upcoming TGE by the token partner.

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The Genesis Edition of Phaver-Ups has been capped at whitelisted (qualification required) 2000 (free mint), tradeable, ERC-721 NFTs, available on Polygon in cooperation with Magic Eden. The distribution will happen in a series of weekly whitelists on Magic Eden as well as airdrops to key contributors and winners of weekly Phaver Points -based auctions that provide the first opportunity to redeem the in-app currency for rewards outside the app.

The first batch of Phaver-Up NFTs will be airdropped to Phaver-connected wallets of some early contributors before April 10th, followed by the minting of the first batch on Magic Eden on 10th April. The eligible users are those who are whitelisted based on criteria related to Phaver activities.

Key Resources:

Magic Eden Launchpad Link (active 10th April, 4pm UTC onwards)

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