Investors & Partners

Updated: 02-Jun-2024


The investors in the Phaver Seed round included, among many others, Nomad Capital, Polygon Ventures, Symbolic Capital, Foresight Ventures, Alphanonce, dao5, Kyros Ventures, Aulis Ventures, SwissBorg (private community sale of $1m), etc.

Strategic Partners

  • Lens Protocol as the first social graph and strategic partner

  • Farcaster as the seoncd social graph

  • CyberConnect as strategic partner since 2022

  • Mocaverse - key social NFTs and SocialFi partner, with upcoming key announcements in Q2-24

  • XMTP Protocol - as a key pillar of wallet-to-wallet messaging delivered by Phaver (coming soon)

  • Polygon - synergies with the whole Polygon ecosystem as well as Phaver forming an extended part of the Polygon ecosystem through Lens

  • Cointelegraph where we are a member of their accelerator and have an integration to publish all CT content automatically on Phaver and Lens


Media Partners

NFT Community Partners

Local Gated Communities

  • Winning Circle

  • Hoodies

  • Gang

  • Altcointurk

  • Monte Kripto Kontu

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