Updated: 06-Jun-2024

The current approach allows Phaver to provide a mainstream-friendly Web2 user experience with the benefits of ownership and interoperability that come with Web3 assets.



  • Launch of Phaver-Up NFTs: Genesis Edition: 03-Apr-2024: ☑

  • $SOCIAL Airdrop Season 1 announced: 08-May-2024 ☑

  • Farcaster comments & channel choice: 06-Jun-2024 ☑

  • Farcaster & Lens full sync (incl. consolidating reactions)

  • Phaver Supergraph serving quality weighed content from all major Web3 graphs in one

  • Wallet: in-app wallets with one-click creation

  • Phaver Perks Portal: in-app portal allowing users to unlock whitelists, airdrops, etc.

  • More features to use Points and $SOCIAL for boosted visibility and other in-app perks

  • Language auto-detection and filtering

Q3-2024 onwards

  • Expansion to mainstream users with a web2-parity user experience

  • Self-serve advertising as part of the tokenomics

Note: TGE timing depends on various factors including market conditions, however, is aimed at the earliest possible opportunity from the perspective of maximizing value.

Historical Development


  • Lens Mainnet launch on 15th May 2022 ☑

  • Phaver was immediately live on the mainnet as the first iOS/Android app on Lens ☑

Q4-2022 - Q2-2023

  • Cyberconnect support 1.0 ☑

  • External NFT PFPs support ☑

  • Phaver Cred introduction as well as NFT holdings & activity-based Points rewards ☑

  • RSS feed integrations for real-time news content from media partners ☑

Q3-2023 - Q4-2023

  • Support for Lens Protocol v2 ☑

  • First localized app versions for Japan, Korea, China, and Turkey ☑

  • Phaver Communities with NFT-gating, privacy settings, and community-level moderation ☑


  • Cross-protocol direct messages with XMTP ☑

  • Phaver Communities upgrades ☑

  • Point economy 2.0 with Phaving and more dynamic gamified daily rewards ☑

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