Campaigns log

Summary of the recent partnerships and campaigns
#41 Phaver x GasHero - Favourite moments in-app campaign - 17-Jan-2024
Share your hero line-up or game progress in Phaver Gas Hero Community!
#40 Phaver x Dustland - Fitness in-app campaign - 11-Jan-2024
Post 3 running screenshots in "Fitness by Dustland Runner" community on Phaver
Campaign Announcement:
#39 Phaver x Mocaverse - Xmas memes in-app campaign - 24-Dec-2023
Create a meme using Moca #872 & post in "Christmas Memes by Moca" community.
Campaign Announcement:
#38 Phaver x BRX - Wellness by Breathonics in-app campaign - 23-Nov-2023
Do a breathing exercise & post screenshot on Phaver for 3 days
Campaign Announcement:
#37 Phaver x SuperWalk - share your move in-app campaign 15-Nov-2023
Join the@Superwalk_challenge and share your daily progress in Phaver SuperWalk topic
Campaign Announcement:
#36 Phaver x AKCB - Share your LIT DRIP in-app campaign - 27-Oct-2023
Post your style in Fashion by AKCB premium topic Bonus points for AKCB-inspired wear.
Campaign Announcement:
#35 Phaver x Mocaverse - Mocalization in-app campaign - 15-Sept-2023
Campaign#34 Phaver x YogaPetz, Wellnes Moments in-app campaign - 16-Aug-2023
Campaign#33 Phaver x Bellygom L.PASS giveaway - 1-Aug-2023
Campaign#32 Phaver x AIMC Korean Drama in-app campaign- 18-July-2023
Campaign#31 Trekki NFT ( in-app campaign- 6-July-2023
Campaign#30 Phaver Pets 2 in-app campaign- 27-June-2023
Campaign#29 Champions League Finals in-app campaign- 10-June-2023
Campaign#28 Sneakerheads! in-app campaign- 4-Jun-2023
Campaign#27 Bitcoin Pizza Day in-app campaign- 22-May-2023
Campaign#26 Champions League Semi Finals in-app campaign - 17-May-2023
Campaign Announcement:
Campaign#25 Japanese NFT Contest in-app campaign- 9-May-2023
Campaign#24 1st of May China in-app campaign- 1-May-2023
Campaign#23 Phaver x Colexion Cricket in-app campaign- 21-April-2023
Campaign#22 Champions League Quarter Finals in-app campaign- 11-April-2023
Campaign#21 Phaver x Memester Meme Competition in-app campaign- 29-March-2023
Campaign#20 Highstreet in-app campaign- 10-March-2023
Campaign#19 International Women's Day in-app campaign- 08-March-2023
Campaign#18 Champions Leageu Round of 16 in-app campaign- 21-Feb-2023
Campaign#17 Valentine's Day in-app campaign- 14-Feb-2023
Campaign#16 Smurfs Society x Phaver in-app campaign- 31-Jan-2023
Campaign#15 Lunar New Year in-app campaign- 14-Jan-2023
Campaign#14 FLOAT/AP Morgan / Phaver AOT event- 11-Jan-2023
Campaign#13 Phaver Pets Contest in-app campaign- 14-Jan-2023
Campaign#12 End of Year Phaverite Quiz Galxe AOT event- 29-Dec-2022
Campaign#11 Merry Lensmas in-app campaign- 24-Dec-2022
Campaign#10 The Phaver- Road to 100k W3ST giveaway - 16-Dec-2022
Campaign#9 Departed Apes WL in-app campaign- 14-Dec-2022
Campaign#8 Bean List x Phaver AOT event- 23-Nov-2022
Campaign#7 World Cup in-app campaign- 22-Nov-2022
Campaign#6 Rens x Phaver AOT event- 7-Nov-2022
Campaign#5 Phaver x Gigaspace giveaway- 3-Nov-2022
Campaign#4 Refinable x Phaver Fan Art contest- 4-Oct-2022
Campaign#3 Phaver Turkey Gleam giveaway- 19-Sept-2022
Campaign#2 GodHatesNFTees x Phaver AOT event- 15-Sept-2022
Campaign#1 Efe Bulduk Youtube Channel giveaway- 14-Aug-2022
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