Ecosystem Model

Updated: 01-Jul-2024

Overview of the Ecosystem Business Model

In-app purchases:

  • As a native mobile app, Phaver can utilize the convenient in-app payments offered by the OS providers as an alternative way to purchase points for in-app use

  • While due to the high take-rate % by the OS providers, it will be more expensive for users to buy points in-app, due to sheer convenience it is expected to be a significant part of the volume

  • In-app purchasing points functionality will be released later in 2024

Brand collaborations

  • Due to users connecting their wallets to Phaver to show their favorite NFTs to accumulate Cred and Points, Phaver will offer whitelist opportunities and other perks to users based on their wallet history and reach

  • Phaver will act as a trusted mediator ensuring any collaborating projects are legitimate while offering projects access to verified high-quality target audiences and users a convenient way to access perks based on e.g. holding a tier 1 PFP NFT

  • Besides whitelists and other targeted opportunities for high Cred users, wider campaigns have already been proven to be very successful for collaborating projects, such as Pudgy Penguins, Crypto Punks, Degen Score, High Street etc.

    • These opportunities have initially been unpaid during the pilot phase, but there is already strong interest from multiple Web3 projects to run paid campaigns to reach Phaver's approx. 280k weekly active users

    • Most popular collabs have included a competition with a custom Topic where users share art, stories, etc. related to the project as well as custom integrations where connecting the NFTs of the project provides additional perks on Phaver, such as Cred or whitelists

  • Depending on the case, such collabs can be billed in stablecoins, fiat, or Phaver Tokens

NFT mints:

  • Phaver has a unique opportunity to release NFT collections that hold specific social utilities on the platform

  • The first NFT collection, Phaver-Up NFT, is whitelisted free mint, rewarding the early users of the platform with the NFT, if they fulfill the criteria

Advertising features (H2-2024)

  • Advertising on Phaver will be built in an ethical and privacy-friendly way, meaning:

    • Targeting is purely based on opt-in information such as subscribed topics or connected NFT assets

    • Users can choose between giving no information and seeing widely targeted ads, giving more detailed interest data and being rewarded with a revenue share in the form of points, or paying a monthly point fee to remove ads completely

    • Conversions will be tracked with an opt-in referral code that gives the user Points for using the code upon checkout, removing the need for highly invasive practices used by web2 apps such as sharing your contact details after conversion to match Meta's or TikTok's data

  • Advertisers can also benefit from this future-proof and privacy-friendly methodology as the expected sentiment towards advertisers is more positive when users get directly rewarded for their participation as well as help provide fair compensation for their favorite creators, as the ad revenue will be a significant driver of token demand and exit liquidity

Native tokens flow

  • Point purchases made with Tokens will flow back into the token treasury, allowing either reducing the supply (quarterly buyback and burn) or giving out higher redemptions to the users who have earned high Points and Cred in the app

  • Advertiser tools (coming 2024) will incentivize brands/marketing partners to acquire tokens to boost the visibility of their content in-app and unlock other (privacy-friendly) advertiser features

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