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Updated: 28-Jan-2024

Phaver's gamified multi-protocol experience aims to produce the most interesting and relevant feed for all users. This can be achieved by providing access to multiple social graphs and protocols simultaneously as well as rewarding the users who create, curate, and moderate the content.

Audience: Users can choose to make their posts either only for their followers, to everyone on Lens, or one of the preset topics. Posting into premium topics provides additional reach. Overall, the topic system improves the segmentation of interests by categorizing posts. Premium Topics also provide increased rewards. Hashtags will be rolled out in Q1 2024.

Premium Topics: To facilitate quality content inside the topics, some of them are designated as premium. This means it costs a Points fee to make a post in the Topic but users also earn rewards with a multiplier when others stake their content. These topics are also actively moderated by in-house moderators and community Contributors, so off-topic posts are hidden from the topic feed and remain only in the poster's profile.

Posting rewards: Level 2 users each receive 5 "Stakes" per day which can be cast on their 5 favorite posts that day. “Stake” is akin to “super likes” in social media. Level 3 and 4 users receive 10 and 20 Stakes to cast each day, respectively. The stakers will also be rewarded if they help discover trending posts before others (a new reward mechanism coming in Q1-24), but a lion's share goes to the poster. The rewards are given in in-app Phaver Points which can after the token launch be redeemed into Phaver tokens with certain restrictions.

Mirroring: SImilar to "retweeting", mirroring allows sharing other users' posts to your own audience and other Topics. The original user is rewarded also for Stakes received on mirrors of their posts. This feature works both for Phaver-only posts as well as Lens posts, where the latter also mirrors the post to other Lens apps.

Post visibility boosting: Besides posting into Premium Topics, in ther near future, users can also put their money where their mouth is and use their own tokens to stake their posts for additional visibility in other users' feeds. This not only allows fresh users to get started faster with gathering a loyal on-chain audience but unlocks advertising utility for brands and other projects. Read more about the boosted posts in the Tokenomics section.

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