Token Distribution

Updated 28-Jan-2024
  • The total capped supply of tokens is 10 billion. Phaver is also aiming to start a quarterly token burn program in the future using the revenue received in native tokens or other liquid tokens/fiat
  • The largest share of the tokens (27%) + Airdrop (3%) are reserved for user rewards, which will be distributed over multiple years and may also be subsidized with other liquid tokens from the advertising and other revenue streams (subscriptions, native utility NFT, etc.). Part of these rewards start already at TGE, in addition to the airdrop (see below)
  • The second largest share (25%) is the ecosystem treasury, which can be deployed to develop and improve the app or used for valuable focuses, and distributed partially to users, or burnt.
  • The third largest share is the team allocation (18%), which contains a 1-year cliff and vests thereafter over 4 years, ensuring the team is well incentivized to build a long-term sustainable token ecosystem.
  • 3% Airdrop has been reserved for rewarding the early users who onboard before TGE. The distribution of this pool will primarily happen based on Levels and Points but special allocations may be also granted to particularly helpful users.