$SOCIAL Season 1 Airdrop

Updated: 13-May-2024

Season 1 Phairdrop is 3% of total tokens with immediate release and there is still time to qualify for the snapshot. For checking eligibility the only official site is: https://www.phairdrop.com/ (Official site will not ask to connect a wallet to check eligibility!)

To be eligible every user needs to have a Lens profile, Farcaster profile, and at least one Cred item connected on Phaver.

The airdrop does not deduct the users points. Users can redeem points after TGE in monthly quotas, where the withdrawal amount and ratio is dependent both on the user's level & amount of $SOCIAL held in the user's wallet.

Points : Tokens Airdrop Ratios

RewardsCriteria (only 1 condition needs to be filled)

Each 1,000 points = 1,000 $SOCIAL

  • Phaver-Up NFT holder

  • Creator program member

  • Level 5 user

Each 1,000 points = 600 $SOCIAL

  • Verified badge user

  • Level 4 user

Each 1,000 points = 400 $SOCIAL

  • Farcaster Power Badge user

  • Level 3 user

Each 1,000 points = 200 $SOCIAL

  • Level 2 user

All Season 1 drops are capped at max. 100,000 $SOCIAL per user and fully unlocked at listing.

Phaver-Up NFT rarity (Purple & Red) includes future benefits, incl. Season 2 Airdrop (post-TGE) announced later.

How to earn Points and Level up on Phaver?

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