How to earn Points and level up on Phaver?

If you're new to Phaver or an early user looking to maximize your Season 1 Phairdrop, here are the tips and tricks to reach higher and faster.

How do I level up in Phaver?

Phaver Cred is built to show credibility of users and earned by all connected NFT assets each day the user is active. If you don't have any NFTs you can mint the free Anima Proof-of-Personhood in the Onboarding section and earn 5 Cred per day, reaching Level 2 in 10 days if no other assets are connected. For the fastest way to Level up you can acquire and connect a Phaver-Up NFT that gives 50 Cred and 300 Points each day you use Phaver. Phaver-Up also gives the same Phairdrop multiplier as reaching the highest Level 5.

What are the best ways to earn Points?

1) Onboarding: Does not get much easier than this, just visit the onboarding (feed banner or click on your Level icon in top right corner of the feed) and complete the tasks for more than 1000 Points on the house. This also sets you up for success and the other Phairdrop criteria.

2) Invite others: Every time someone uses your username as the invite code when signing up and reaches Level 2 for the first time, both they and you receive 1000 Points. The discovery section in the app has a banner that provides your personalized invite link or you can share your Phairdrop allocation from that features your invite code. Remember to help your frens level up: easiest and free way is suggesting Anima Proof-of-Personhood

3) Keep Phaving: After you reach Level 2 you start receiving free Phaves each day you visit Phaver. These are to be given to your favorite posts that day, and if you choose wisely you receive a lot of Points as a reward while helping the posters get rewarded too. Best results come if you phave early on a post that becomes popular, so being the 1000th phaver won't get you much, nor will being the only one all day.

4) Premium and Super posting: If you have something interesting to say, choose a relevant community and spend 50 of your Points to be eligible for the daily reward pool. Good posts receive enough Phaves and qualify in the ranking, but this is not meant to be easy so farming and low quality posts will only cost you points, not earn any. If you really want a boost, 500 Points will get you a Super Post with boosted visibility in its own feed filter. Both Premium and Super posts have same reward mechanism, but the extra visibility of Super posts can help reach enough Phaves more easily.

How much time do I have?

The snapshot for Season 1 has not been announced to avoid gaming the system, but you still have time to qualify. The fastest way to ensure a 1:1 redemption ratio is to connect a Phaver-Up NFT to your profile that guarantees Level 5 redemption regardless if you have reached L5 yet. Also Farcaster Power Badge holders get automatically a Level 3 ratio by connecting their Farcaster and filling the other criteria (this is not yet necessarily factored into the calculator).

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