Connect your first NFT

You can easily connect your first NFT. Here steps:

  • Click Level icon at top right on main feed

  • This is Cred dashboard, you can check your NFTs, onboarding tasks, current cred scores, rewards and wallets etc.

  • Scroll down an you will see Wallet Manager at the end of page, click on it

  • Now you see your connected wallets, if you didn't connect one yet, click "Add new"

  • Click "Connect a wallet"

  • And choose wallet apps which you have, if we don't support your Wallet app, you can use WalletConnect

  • When you logged in your wallet, you need to sign 1st message, it's a generic connection message

  • You can connect many different wallets to Phaver. Connection part is done.

  • Now it's time to make the wallet primary, if it's not.

  • Go back to wallet manager

  • Click 3 dot right part of wallet

  • And click "Select as primary wallet"

  • It's done Frens!

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