Cred Score - 101

This is the simple guide to understanding Phaver Cred

To Earn Phaver Cred and points you need to do only 2 simple things 🀝

  1. Connect your SBTs/NFTs or Achievements to your Phaver Profile

  2. Use the Phaver app - DAILY. Each day you are active in the app

Option 1: SBT's (Little/no money needed) Guides on how to mint SBTs for Phaver Cred can be found here πŸ‘ˆ and here πŸ‘ˆ

Option 2: NFTs (Some money needed) The list of connectable NFTs can be found here πŸ‘ˆ

Either connect one that you already own 😍 or you can go shopping on 😁 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Each NFT/Credential/Achievement has its own Phaver Cred & Points values. The more that you connect & use the Phaver app, the more Cred & Points you will earn

Example of a Cred and Points values πŸ‘‡

What is C? C = Cred Phaver Cred is what gets you to the next Level in Phaver to earn greater rewards and perks in the Phaver app. 50 Cred is needed to get to level 2 250 Cred for level 3 1000 Cred for level 4 What is P? P = Points Phaver Points are what you earn for creating valuable content in the Phaver app when people stake on your posts. Points can be used to post into Premium Topics ⭐ Phaver points will be used as a Proxy for Phaver Tokens (when the Phaver token launches)

NOTE: Phaver Cred resets every 30 days. This means you have 30 days to earn the Cred needed to get to the next Phaver level πŸ’œ

Cred 101 Explainer Video

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