Lens Profile Gas Restrictions

Information on restrictions related to free (Lens sponsored) posting on Lens Protocol. Note that Phaver-sponsored actions are being released during week 24 or 25 in June.

What does being restricted mean?

Lens Protocol has recently introduced restrictions on some profiles that have been deemed to do harmful actions such as, but not limited to, botting, spamming, or engagement farming with low-signal content and actions. As a result, these users who are restricted need to pay their own gas fees for posting.

Can Phaver help?

As this is not a great user experience or in line with Phaver's mission to provide a more fair social network experience to all users, Phaver is now offering a new perk to Level 2 and above users, where we pay the gas fees for any users who are not eligible for Lens-sponsored posting.

What can I do as a Phaver-sponsored user?

This will mean you can make Lens posts through Phaver and also comment on and mirror some Lens posts (unfortunately commenting on and mirroring new Momoka posts is not possible even by paying the gas fee). Lens Follows have always been sponsored by Phaver so they remain unaffected regardless of restrictions, and all Phaver-only actions are always free for everyone.

What actions are sponsored?

Any actions that would require the restricted user to pay a gas fee, are covered up to a certain amount per day by Phaver. These actions include:

  • Creating a Lens Post

  • Commenting on a Lens post

  • Mirroring a Lens post

  • Lens follows are sponsored by Phaver already for all users so they are not affected

Note: Users will not be able to comment on the new Lens Momoka posts even if you have activated Phaver-sponsored posting since these posts are not on-chain

How many sponsored actions do you get?

  • Phaver level 2 users: will receive 5 sponsored actions per day

  • Phaver level 3 users: will receive 10 sponsored actions per day

  • Phaver level 4 users: will receive 15 sponsored actions per day

Note: Phaver Level 1 users will not receive on-chain action sponsors. Level 1 users simply need to achieve Phaver Level 2 to be eligible. Phaver KYC by Galxe and Clique SBTs are the best places to start when wanting to level up.

How to activate Phaver-sponsored posts?

  1. Achieve Phaver Level 2 or above

  2. Proceed to posting or commenting and if you are restricted by Lens AND eligible for sponsored posts you will see the below notification

  3. Select "Use Phaver dispatcher" and follow instructions

  1. You will need to go through the dispatcher flow which will prompt you to sign a transaction with your wallet. Don't worry, you only need to do this once to enable Phaver to sponsor your gas fees

  1. Once activated, the number of on-chain actions that you are eligible for and how many you have remaining is shown in the top bar on your Phaver feed Screen

  1. If your profile is unrestricted by Lens (can happen if posting high quality high signal content as these are reviewed frequently) you can return back to full functionality by changing from the Phaver dispatcher back to the Lens dispatcher, e.g. in Lenster settings (coming soon to Phaver).

  2. You can at any point test if you are no longer restricted on Lenster by assigning the Lens dispatcher there and testing posting. However, please note that if you are still restricted you'll need to repeat the process in Phaver to use the Phaver dispatcher again. If you are unrestricted you can then just posting in Phaver also without limitations.

We hope this helps our genuine community members enjoy Lens freely while keeping the bots and fake users away. Keep the feedback coming in Discord or tag @joonatan @dollowen and @phaver on your feedback post or comment on Phaver. ๐Ÿ’œ ๐Ÿš€

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