How to create a Phaver profile

We have purposefully made the signup process as simple as possible. Within 30 seconds - you will have a phaver account up and running

TL;DR - What is Phaver

  • Phaver is a native mobile web3 social application built on Lens Protocol

  • We are building a web3 Social app with UX and UI good enough that enables people to onboard into web3 easier than ever before

  • Incorporates a native token rewards system, rewarding users in a gamified way for sharing the best content discovered or created

  • A home for NFT Social - where users connect their NFT collections to their profile and access NFT-gated topics + privileges

The Phaver mission is to create the most interesting social feed on your mobile phone

Signing up

You can sign up to Phaver by either;

  1. Using an email address

  2. Using your favourite 3rd party app such as Google, Facebook or Apple

Completing the signup process is as easy as 1,2,3

1. Type in your name

2. Choose a username (The name that will be displayed on your profile)

3. Add a profile Picture (Choose your favourite NFT or a maybe a nice pic of yourself?)

Explainer Video

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