Additional info - Getting to Phaver level 2

A deeper dive into how to get Phaver level 2. Note that Galxe KYC and Kleoverse Passport support for Cred were recently removed to focus on the fully free and more bot-resistant Anima facial scan.

1. Anima Proof-of-Personhood

Here you can read more to complete:

2. Connect Supported NFTs

Phaver supports a number of well known and partner NFT projects and will continue to grow the number of supported projects continuously.

a. Connect in-app or visit to connect your wallet holding your PFP NFTs. Supported NFTs that you hold will appear to be verified and connected to your profile

b. You will be asked to sign a secure gasless transaction to verify that you own the NFTs in your wallet.

c. If you hold NFTs in a number of different wallets, you can connect these NFTs one after the other by connecting the wallet that holds them. The site will pick up the eligible NFTs in each wallet automatically

Check out the full list of support NFT projects here: For more information on connecting NFTs with an additional security layer, please visit

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