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Additional info - Getting to Phaver level 2

A deeper dive into how to get Phaver level 2

1. Phaver KYC by GALXE (PAUSED)

Phaver partnered with Galxe to enable users to verify authenticity with traditional KYC.
a. Visit and mint a GALXE Passport. The NFT is minted on Binance Smart Chain.
To mint your Galxe Passport you will need to provide personal Identity information
b. Now that you have your Galxe Passport - you will be able to mint your Phaver KYC Credential by visiting (this NFT is minted on Polygon)
c. Connect in-app or visit and connect your Phaver KYC Credential to your Phaver Profile.

2. Clique SBT (Temporarily Unavailable - Twitter limit)

Phaver has Partnered with Clique who have a Soulbound Token that does an analysis of your Twitter and Discord history so that Phaver knows you are a legitimate human being
a. Visit and follow instructions verifying your Twitter and Discord. Make sure your wallet is on the Polygon Network
Simply connect your Wallet, Twitter and Discord
Notes: Our team will receive your application and if you meet the minimum sybil resistance requirements (a minimum number of followers and activity proves you are a legitimate user) then your SBT will automatically be sent to your wallet within a week
b. Once you have received the Phaver Clique SBT - visit and connect your SBT to your Phaver Profile. Select the "Verify my NFTs" option & make sure you connect the wallet holding the SBT.
For additional information on minting a Clique SBT, please visit

3. Connect a Supported PFP NFT

Phaver supports a number of well known and partner NFT projects and will continue to grow the number of supported projects continuously.
a. Connect in-app or visit to connect your wallet holding your PFP NFTs. Supported NFTs that you hold will appear to be verified and connected to your profile
b. You will be asked to sign a secure gasless transaction to verify that you own the NFTs in your wallet.
c. If you hold NFTs in a number of different wallets, you can connect these NFTs one after the other by connecting the wallet that holds them. The site will pick up the eligible NFTs in each wallet automatically
Check out the full list of support NFT projects here: For more information on connecting NFTs with an additional security layer, please visit