New-feature Log

A running log of the feature updates made on the Phaver app
18/09/2023 Release 6.13 Improvement: Various performance & security updates
17/09/2023 Release 6.12 Improvement: Various performance updates
12/09/2023 Release 6.11.2 🪂 Added: Easily sync NFTs from recently added wallets: just drag down to refresh. Added: Frens & Verified Tag now on Cred and earnings. Improvement: Better clickability & responsiveness after uploading.
05/08/2023 Release 6.11.1 🪂 Improvement: Improve cold start load times 🥶 Fixed: Videos not opening correctly in certain cases 🎥 Fixed: Issues with content not scrollable after getting a "See Whats New" toast 📜
21/08/2023 Release 6.11.0
Added: Supporting likes notifications for comments. Improvement: Various performance updates
15/08/2023 Release 6.10.2
Added: Make links clickable in custom notifications
11/08/2023 Release 6.10.1
Fixed: Android video zoom Fixed: Mirrored post overflow on Android & IOS
09/08/2023 Release 6.10.0
Added: Video aspect ratio changes and video image preview Fixed: Video quality and initial quality streaming problem Fixed: "Latests Earnings" in Cred page disappearing problem Fixed: Lens reactions problem Fixed: Android context menu items clip Fixed: Context menu item problem Fixed: IOS devices crash problem Fixed: Getting stuck “Pending upload” videos screen Improvement: Verified NFTs performance updates
28/07/2023 Release 6.9.0
Various bug fixes and performance updates
20/07/2023 Release 6.8.6
Fixed: Issues with creating a post with an image with filters on IOS 🏞️ Fixed: Issues with creating a post with video on Android 🎥
18/07/2023 Release 6.8.5
️Added: Video upload through Phaver
Fixed: Cred cycle related problems
Fixed: Cred latest earnings page was forcing app to shutdown
Fixed: Vertical video causing the app to behave odd
Fixed: Video scaling issue when watching landscape video
Fixed: Adding loading state to video upload. (When you choose a video from gallery to make a post, a spinner will show on the gallery icon. This that means that the video is busy uploading to post screen)
Improvement: Performance updates.
Release 6.8.4
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates
Release 6.8.3 🪂 Lot's of new exciting features to play with! 😍
  • Tagging users in posts - when making a post on Phaver you can now tag multiple friends - test it out by giving a couple of shoutouts in your next post
  • Renewed post photo attachments - new buttons to either take a photo or select a photo from your phone album
  • Improved UI to add photos from camera roll
  • Take photo's directly from Phaver with Phaver's own camera function
  • New photo editor - enabling users to transform, adjust, filter and add text to photos before posting
  • NFT connect in-app - enables users to connect NFTs from multiple wallets to Phaver without having to leave the app
  • Improved lens api connect experience
  • Improved photo viewing & zooming (improvement is Android specific)
  • App startup time has been made faster & general performance enhancements implemented
Release 6.7.12 🪂
  • Fixed: Cred score indicator displayed all time earned Cred points instead of claimed Cred in 30 days period.
  • Fixed: 30-day Cred cycle starts from day 1 instead of 0.
Release 6.7.11 🪂
Release 6.7.10 🪂
  • Added Cred and point limits to the Cred System
    • Each additional NFT added from the same project will earn slightly less cred than the one before
  • is now supported for safe NFT connects
  • UI improvements on in-app notifications
  • Bug fix on content not pulling through from certain Lens dapps
  • UI improvement on Tagging notifications in DA comments/posts
  • UI improvement - Deprecated old “Level System” sidebar - replaced with Level system scorll-through
17/05/2023 Release 6.7.8
Click on the "L" button in the top right corner of your home screen 👇
More info below 👇
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates
Release 6.7.7
  • Improved navigation from notifications to comments.
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates
Release 6.7.6
  • Improved Lens API connect flow
  • Posts that cannot be collected on Lens now reflect this visually
  • Profiles with gas-fee restrictions by Lens now see a notification when posting or commenting
  • Unmuting videos while the hardware silent switch is on is now working on iOS
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements
Release 6.7.5
  • Mirroring on Lens enabled again after dispatcher performance improvements
Release 6.7.4
  • Various visual improvements and fixes
Release 6.7.3
  • New feature: quick filters on the feed!
  • Fixed a bug where some lists would not render on the first load
  • Improved compatibility between different Lens dispatchers when using multiple Lens apps
Release 6.7.2
  • Allow posting to Lens while mirroring disabled
Release 6.7.1
  • Improve compatibility on older iOS devices with a home button
  • Add lens mirror unavailable message when mirroring not working
Release 6.7.0
  • Various performance updates and bug fixes
Minor post-release update:
  • Show CyberConnect handle correctly on Profile Screen
  • Performance improvements implemented
  • Fixed an issue of Topic lists being initially empty on IOS
TIME to Restart Phaver and Connect ccProfile: Release 6.6.4 - ccProfile in Phaver Profile - Case Insensitive tagging - What’s new pop-up message - Some performance improvements Hey Frens. As you all know, in the past weeks we announced our cooperation with CyberConnect. Now you can connect a ccProfile to Phaver. Here's how: 1. First restart Phaver app. 2. Go to 3. Login to your account* 4. Click "Connect my ccProfile" 5. Choose the handle - Click verify, then give wallet permissions and It's done!
(*If you signed up with Google or mail and you don't know your password, you can't login by clicking Google logo in . This is because Google banned Metamask. You need to log out from your Phaver account from application. Than you should click "Joined us already? Log in". You will see "Forgot your password?" at the bottom of page. Write your Google mail and you will get a reset password mail. Then you will be able to access your Phaver account via mail and password.)
Also thank you for supporting us during the voting process.
28/02/23 TIME TO UPDATE APP Hey Frens!
We just released a MAJOR update! We know you were waiting it. Go and update your application from Appstore & Playstore! Here are some of features from our latest update. - Tagging users in posts and comments + notifications of tags - Likes on comments with support across Lens - See who mirrored, collected, staked or liked a post - Your referral link now goes directly to your profile if app is installed already.. - Use Eternal Proxy Service to safely connect NFTs with no signatures (Time to upload more jpegs easily and safe!)
Fixed that issues in signup flow
New Feature updates 28/02/23
Release 6.5.3 (OTA) Some fixes to notifications - Added: Re-added stake notifications in notifications tab - Fixed: Replied to comment notification - Fixed: Refresh control indicator showing on top of lists when first loading No need to update from the app store just re-open Phaver app
We just released a MAJOR update frens! - Significant performance updates - More simplified UI for feed and easy to comment - Videos and GIFs from Lens - Lens likes - Block users - Allow users to bypass invite code - More wallets in wallet- connect options - Sign to Lens API from:
As a reminder to everyone, the feed sorting and filtering already has a lot of options can always be adjusted from the top corner of the feed. After this latest update your latest selection is also kept even after you close your app so you can always enjoy your preferred feed. Some alternatives you can already use:
  • Sort by: Latest + Filter by: My follows = Latest from your Lens+Phaver followed users
  • Sort by: Most mirrored + Filter by: Lens posts = Hottest posts across all Lens apps today
  • Sort by: Recommended + Filter by: None = The alpha version of the Phaver algo, where we are updating the logic frequently to offer more relevant posts based on who you follow, what you subscribe to and the quality of the profile and post. Feedback is welcome and we are still working hard on fine tuning this.
Important news! Phaver just made a big change by migrating to use the Lens API instead of our own solution for posting on Lens. This will mean all Lens users will need to sign into Lens again inside Phaver to continue posting or commenting on Lens. This only has to be done once and after that you can also post seamlessly from any Lens platform without having to assign a dispatcher each time. This should also improve the stability and success rate of Lens posting and prepare us for a lot of growth in the future. What do I need to do? Close and reopen the app to apply latest updates. If you don’t have Lens connected this will not change anything for you. If you have connected a Lens profile and try to make a post after today’s migration it will ask you to assign a new dispatcher, just follow the instructions and sign with the same wallet you used to connect Lens. You can also complete the process by clicking on your Lens username in your profile. Please note that has not yet been updated for the new Lens API flow so you can only assign the new dispatcher inside the Phaver app. The browser flow will be updated next week. If you face any errors in the process please try again after a while and if the issue continues, report it in the #lens-support channel on Phaver Discord. What does this actually mean? As Phaver was the first mobile app to be released on Lens, we had to build a lot of custom solutions to allow everyone to post without having to sign each message with your wallet. Now Lens offers support for this on their side and also allows all apps to work with the same dispatcher to minimize need for signing things. Some things like follows are not yet done through the API but continue to work normally. This update also allows a better handling of any spiking gas fees on Polygon so we can provide a more stable service for everyone. Your posts will still be indexed to the chain just like before so for a user this does not cause any changes beyond the first need to sign in again.
Version 6.2.2 is now LIVE We have some good news for you again @everyone... We have just released a new update!
Restart your app NOW and check out these improvements on the Phaver app: Dispatcher update Request permission when user tries to comment on Lens post and Phaver is not set as a dispatcher Improved performance on displaying comments Fixed a performance issue with posts with thousands of commentsImproved performance on displaying comments Fixed a performance issue with posts with thousands of comments
07/09/2022 We have some good news for you again We have just released a new update!
UPDATE your app NOW and check out these new features on the Phaver app NEW FEATURE: Collecting Lens posts and mirrors You can now collect Lens posts and mirrors on Phaver app!
Added stake collection and collected Lens posts collections to profile screen You can now see your staked posts and collected Lens posts under your profile in the collections tab!
Version 6.1.2 is now LIVE We have some good news for you again... We have just released a new update!
Restart your app and check out these new features on the Phaver app Most Mirrored sort to feed Mirroring allows sharing any post on your own timeline, just like retweeting on Twitter. This helps you not only share the coolest posts to your own followers but also earn additional rewards by curating in-app posts into more accurate topics. Most Mirrored sort to feed sorts posts based on how many mirrors they have (1 day) We are still working on some updates in the reward mechanism where majority of the staking rewards will go to the original content creator, but in every case you also get rewarded when mirroring content others will love.
Most Upvoted sort to feed and Topic Screen Sorts posts based on how many upvotes they have (1 day) Bug fixes More clear component to show premium topic point costs when posting or mirroring to them
New ways to connect your wallet to Phaver We heard that many of you have had issues with connecting your Lens handles to your Phaver profiles with the mobile connection... ...So our devs made a connecting page for desktop!
Test the new beta and connect your Lens profile to Phaver here You can use either the extensions on your desktop browser or the in-app browser in your wallet's mobile app to connect
(mobile Safari/Chrome not supported just yet) Supported wallet providers now include:
+ many others through WalletConnect
12/07/2022 Version 5.9.67 is now LIVE We have some good news for you again... We have just released a new update!
Check out this new feature on the Phaver app: NEW FEATURE: Mirroring Mirroring allows sharing any post on your own timeline, just like retweeting on Twitter. This helps you not only share the coolest posts to your own followers but also earn additional rewards by curating in-app posts into more accurate topics. We are still working on some updates in the reward mechanism where majority of the staking rewards will go to the original content creator, but in every case you also get rewarded when mirroring content others will love.
Bug fixes Fixed share bug where sharing to Phaver caused you to be navigated to profile screen
Hot tip for mirroring Click on the Lens logo on the top of the feed page to access a Lens-only feed and look for posts with the topic “Lens”. They have been created outside Phaver and have no topic so you can be the first one to put them in the right place.
Additional version 5.9.67 information! As you might have noticed, we have had to revert the Android version back to 5.9.6., and unfortunately this means that you are unable to use the new mirroring feature on Android for a while. What does this mean for Android users? You may need to reinstall the app to access the app again, due to the version change. If the app asks you for an invite code, remember to use EARLYBIRD
Version 5.9.6 is now LIVE You asked for updates... so devs have delivered!
We have just released a new update!
Check out these new features on the Phaver app:
NEW FEATURE: Downvotes and upvotes are back!
By popular demand, we’re bringing back the voting on posts.
NEW FEATURE: Who staked me?
Staking notifications now also show who staked the post, another popular request by the community.
Lens posting is now optional so you can choose with each post whether you want it to be a Phaver-only post or also on Lens. Both options earn points similarly and have same visibility on Phaver, only difference is that only Lens users can comment on Lens posts.
Filter for seeing only followed users in your feed (finally!)
Next steps will include also organising the feed based on upvotes or our first algo.
All new profile screen
With easier access to key information
Better instructions for connecting wallets for Lens
(also a new browser version for connecting coming soon!)New Collections tab
New Collections tab That will soon feature your collected Lens posts and staked Phaver posts!
Version 5.9.4 is now LIVE
Promises made... promises kept 💪 We have just released a new update - Check out these new features on the Phaver app: NEW FEATURE: Multi-level commenting and replies: One of the most requested feature is now here! You can now reply directly to another comment to keep the conversation going.
NEW FEATURE: Premium topics 💎 Introducing Premium topics: Premium topics are quality over quantity and help us gather the best of the best when posters put their money where their mouth is.
Posting into premium topics costs a points fee each time but offers more visibility and soon also higher rewards than regular topics.
The fees are adjusted based on the popularity of a topic with the goal of rewarding all high quality posts but discouraging the spammers.
Lens comments Lens comments now sync across platforms so people can contribute and discuss even if they’re on different Lens apps. Comment and profile reporting
You can now directly report comments and profiles that you think are against our community guidelines to help our mods to keep Phaver clean and safe for everyone Performance fixes Fixed an issue where scrolling longer feeds caused app to start running slower. Admin feature:
comment & profile moderation. You will now see see comment and profile reports directly in the mod-queue. (for in-app moderators only)
Version 5.6.2 is now LIVE We have just released a new update! Check out these new features on the Phaver app: Captcha enabled in production To keep the bots away there’s now a captcha required when creating a new account or logging in. Notifications screen performance improvements Notifications should now be a lot smoother even if you’re very popular and get a ton. For now we’re also not adding notifications for each new reaction to keep the list readable. NEW FEATURE: Reactions Up/downvotes have now been replaced by reactions that give you a lot more options to contribute! Wish GM to your fellow members or nudge them if they posted in the wrong topic or seem to be spamming. Soon we’ll also automoderate posts based on the spam & NSFW reactions to keep the feed clean (enough reactions will send posts to moderators) NEW FEATURE: Reporting posts If you see something that you think should be removed (spam, scam, erotic content, hate speech etc.) you can send it to our mods directly by using the updated Report-option in the … menu next to each post. Please remember to give context why you’re reporting a post. Mod queue (for in-app mods) As we prepare to onboard also community members as mods Reddit-style, we now have a new mod-queue that allows us to quickly react to your reports.
Timeouting profiles (for in-app mods)
From now on if you violate our content guidelines the mods can give you a timeout of 2 or 7 days during which you can not make new posts. If the violations keep repeating you may lose the privilege of posting into topics entirely or for larger violations be removed from the app. At any point you can reach our mods on Discord for further questions and you’ll receive a notification if a timeout happens.