New-feature Log

A running log of the feature updates made on the Phaver app

18/04/2024 Restart App Added: Search bar to communites page Improvement: Level 1 users can claim MOCA ID Improvement: Anima verification time Fixed: Searching user issue

15/04/2024 Restart App Fixed: More button on profile, + button on bottom bar, Farcaster connect button on my accounts page and some other buttons was not working for some users.

11/04/2024 Restart App Added: Initial Farcaster integration + Farcaster profile onboarding task Added: New Profile screen Added: My accounts page

06/04/2024 Restart App Fixed: XMTP wallet connection issue

03/04/2024 Restart App Added: Verified organization, creator and team marks & Contributor bade Added: Phaver-Up NFTs to Cred system Improvement: Now NFTs on Cred dashboard are clickable

26/03/2024 Release 7.2.0 Added: Prove you're human with Anima onboarding task Fixed: Problems with text inputs & keyboard handling on Android Fixed: Cred progress bar for Level 4 users Improvement: Various bug fixes

20/03/2024 Restart App Added: Onboarding tasks Added: Anima NFT as a new verification method Fixed: Mirroring and commenting Fixed: Cred progress bar for Level 4 users

13/03/2024 Release 7.1.0 Improvement: Various bug fixes

07/03/2024 Release 7.0.0 Added: New tabs for latest earning: posting & phaving Added: Skip button for profile image while signing up Improvement: Changed the default settings for post visibility Improvement: Enhanced app performance and stability with important updates Improvement: App navigation experience for smoother usage Improvement: Various performance updates & bug fixes

28/02/2024 Release 6.21.0

Added: Lens Profile minting in app for L2+ users

22/02/2024 Release 6.20.0 Added: New point reward mechanism: PHAVING Added: New posting flow Added: Quote mirror via Phaver Added: New languages (Hindu, Thai, Pidgin English, Vietnamese) Added: Super post feed filter Added: Categories for communities Improvement: Redesigned community card Improvement: Removed premium and open communities Fixed: Showing multiple videos from other Lens apps issue

18/02/2024 Release 6.19.0 Improvement: Various security & performance updates

01/02/2024 Release 6.18.2 Added: Tokenproof as a new alternative NFT connection Added: New post flow, selectable communities Improvement: XMTP bug fixes

26/01/2024 Release 6.18.1 Improvement: Various performance updates & bug fixes

26/01/2024 Release 6.18.0 Added: Phaver DM v1.0 powered by XMTP Improvement: Various security updates Improvement: Various performance updates & bug fixes

17/01/2024 Release 6.17.0 Added: Chinese translation Added: 30 days lock up period for already connected NFTs Added: Official APK link, Improvement: Various performance updates & bug fixes Fixed: Moca minting link issue

02/01/2024 Release 6.16.4

Improvement: Small performance update Fixed: Opening an image full screen caused Feed to scroll to top Fixed: Long images are rendered more concisely in the app

25/12/2023 Release 6.16.3 Improvement: Various performance updates & bug fixes

19/12/2023 Release 6.16.2 Added: MocaID minting from Cred tab Added: MocaID into Cred Added: Coinage Caucus and Network NFTs into Cred Improvement: Following process has spinner now in Discover tab Fixed: Spaces in username field at signup flow

19/12/2023 Release 6.16.1 Improvement: Various performance updates & bug fixes

18/12/2023 Release 6.16 Added: Supporting Japanese / Turkish / Korean languages Improvement: My community list based on last visited time Improvement: Changed "Subscribed" feed filter as like "My communities" Improvement: Uploading images and videos Improvement: Posting flow after setting Lens dispatcher

08/12/2023 Release 6.15.2 Added: Supporting wallets that has QR-code scanning with paste code Fixed: Issues with sharing via Phaver from outside

07/12/2023 Release 6.15.1 Added: Topics are now Communities with new exclusive Holder Communities available, read more Changed: Mirroring is now only possible into your own profile, not Communities Changed: The + button only posts in your own profile, posting into communities happens inside each community after joining Changed: Communities are now accessed in their own tab in the bottom bar Fixed: Issues closing the Guidelines popup during first posting

21/11/2023 Release 6.15

Added: Accessible "Help Center" link in settings Improvement: Video and image editor should be more performant on Android Improvement: Updated the icon on bottom right while uploading images and videos Improvement: Following should have a spinner while doing follow Improvement: Misbehaving users should see Discord link in their warning modal Fixed: Issues with GIFs crashing and slowing down the app on Android under certain conditions

16/11/2023 Release 6.14.6 Fixed: Duplicated video thumbnails appearing on some Lens posts Improvement: Wallet Manager functionality

14/11/2023 Release 6.14.5 Fixed: Lens handle visual problems and tagging with Lens handle.

10/11/2023 Release 6.14.4 Fixed: Lens handle visual problems and tagging with Lens handle.

01/11/2023 Release 6.14.3 Added: Supporting quoted mirrors in app Improvement: Primary wallet setting for multi-wallet users Improvement: Various performance updates & bug fixes

25/10/2023 Release 6.14.2 Improvement: General performance optimizations

24/10/2023 Release 6.14.1 Added: Wallet manager screen, can access from Cred page and settings at profile page Improvement: Quicker startup times Improvement: Bitget Wallet is no longer in list of preferred ones Improvement: Various performance updates Fixed: Post feed not returning next set of content when scrolled down (What's new pop-up) Fixed: Plurals for post screen stake/mirror counts

12/10/2023 Release 6.14.0 Improvement: Camera performance and handling for different devices Improvement: Visibility of Lens whitelist button for users who connected multi wallets Fixed: Cred screen and level up screen now show correct level and score when you level up

04/10/2023 Release 6.13.2 Added: Lens invitation for Level 3 and 4 users

03/10/2023 Release 6.13.1 Improvement: Clickability of posts Improvement: Selected filter in feed is remembered between app starts Improvement: Sign-up flow Improvement: NFT connection

18/09/2023 Release 6.13 Improvement: Various performance & security updates

17/09/2023 Release 6.12 Improvement: Various performance updates

12/09/2023 Release 6.11.2 Added: Easily sync NFTs from recently added wallets: just drag down to refresh. Added: Frens & Verified Tag now on Cred and earnings. Improvement: Better clickability & responsiveness after uploading.

05/08/2023 Release 6.11.1 Improvement: Improve cold start load times Fixed: Videos not opening correctly in certain cases Fixed: Issues with content not scrollable after getting a "See Whats New" toast

21/08/2023 Release 6.11.0 Added: Supporting likes notifications for comments. Improvement: Various performance updates

15/08/2023 Release 6.10.2 Added: Make links clickable in custom notifications

11/08/2023 Release 6.10.1 Fixed: Android video zoom Fixed: Mirrored post overflow on Android & IOS

09/08/2023 Release 6.10.0 Added: Video aspect ratio changes and video image preview Fixed: Video quality and initial quality streaming problem Fixed: "Latests Earnings" in Cred page disappearing problem Fixed: Lens reactions problem Fixed: Android context menu items clip Fixed: Context menu item problem Fixed: IOS devices crash problem Fixed: Getting stuck “Pending upload” videos screen Improvement: Verified NFTs performance updates

28/07/2023 Release 6.9.0 Improvement: Various bug fixes and performance updates

20/07/2023 Release 6.8.6 Fixed: Issues with creating a post with an image with filters on IOS Fixed: Issues with creating a post with video on Android

18/07/2023 Release 6.8.5 ️Added: Video upload through Phaver Fixed: Cred cycle related problems Fixed: Cred latest earnings page was forcing app to shutdown Fixed: Vertical video causing the app to behave odd Fixed: Video scaling issue when watching landscape video Fixed: Adding loading state to video upload. (When you choose a video from gallery to make a post, a spinner will show on the gallery icon. This that means that the video is busy uploading to post screen) Improvement: Performance updates

30/06/2023 Release 6.8.4 Improvement: Various bug fixes and performance updates

28/06/2023 Release 6.8.3 Added: Tagging users in posts - when making a post on Phaver you can now tag multiple friends - test it out by giving a couple of shoutouts in your next post Added: Renewed post photo attachments - new buttons to either take a photo or select a photo from your phone album Added: New photo editor - enabling users to transform, adjust, filter and add text to photos before posting Added: NFT connect in-app - enables users to connect NFTs from multiple wallets to Phaver without having to leave the app Improvement: Improved UI to add photos from camera roll Improvement: Take photo's directly from Phaver with Phaver's own camera function Improvement: Lens API connect experience Improvement: Photo viewing & zooming (improvement is Android specific) Improvement: App startup time has been made faster & general performance enhancements implemented

21/06/2023 Release 6.7.12 Fixed: Cred score indicator displayed all time earned Cred points instead of claimed Cred in 30 days period Fixed: 30-day Cred cycle starts from day 1 instead of 0

15/06/2023 Release 6.7.11

Added: Users with Lens Gas restrictions can now set Phaver as dispatcher to be able to activate Phaver-sponsored on-chain actions. For more information - please visit Added: "Most staked" filter - enabling users to filter feed by most staked Phaver posts Improvement: Performance updates related to user queries

07/06/2023 Release 6.7.10

Added: Cred and point limits to the Cred System Added: Each additional NFT added from the same project will earn slightly less cred than the one before Added: is now supported for safe NFT connects Improvement: UI improvements on in-app notifications Improvement: UI improvement on Tagging notifications in DA comments/posts Improvement: Deprecated old “Level System” sidebar - replaced with Level system scorll-through Fixed: Bug fix on content not pulling through from certain Lens dapps

17/05/2023 Release 6.7.8 Addded: Phaver Cred is live. More info below 👇 Improvement: Various bug fixes and performance updates

16/05/2023 Release 6.7.7 Improvement: Navigation from notifications to comments Improvement: Various bug fixes and performance updates

04/05/2023 Release 6.7.6 Improvement: Lens API connect flow Improvement: Posts that cannot be collected on Lens now reflect this visually Improvement: Profiles with gas-fee restrictions by Lens now see a notification when posting or commenting Improvement: Unmuting videos while the hardware silent switch is on is now working on iOS Improvement: Various bug fixes and performance improvements

14/04/2023 Release 6.7.5 Improvement: Mirroring on Lens enabled again after dispatcher performance improvements

13/04/2023 Release 6.7.4 Improvement: Various visual improvements and fixes

11/04/2023 Release 6.7.3 Added: Quick filters on the feed! Improvement: compatibility between different Lens dispatchers when using multiple Lens apps Fixed: A bug where some lists would not render on the first load

05/04/2023 Release 6.7.2 Improvement: Allow posting to Lens while mirroring disabled

04/04/2023 Release 6.7.1

Improvement: Compatibility on older iOS devices with a home button Improvement: Added lens mirror unavailable message when mirroring not working

27/03/2023 Release 6.7.0 Improvement: Various performance updates and bug fixes

14/03/2023 Release 6.6.5 Improvement: Show CyberConnect handle correctly on Profile Screen Improvement: Performance improvements implemented Fixed: An issue of Topic lists being initially empty on IOS

13/03/2023 Release 6.6.4 Added: ccProfile in Phaver Profile and connectible via Added: Case Insensitive tagging Added: What’s new pop-up message Improvement: Some performance improvements

28/02/2023 Release 6.5.5 Added: Tagging users in posts and comments + notifications of tags Added: Likes on comments with support across Lens Added: See who mirrored, collected, staked or liked a post Added: Your referral link now goes directly to your profile if app is installed already Added: Use Eternal Proxy Service to safely connect NFTs with no signatures Fixed: Issues in signup flow

25/01/2023 Release 6.5.3 Added: Re-added stake notifications in notifications tab Fixed: Replied to comment notification Fixed: Refresh control indicator showing on top of lists when first loading No need to update from the app store just re-open Phaver app

17/01/2023 Release Added: Block users Added: Allow users to bypass invite code Added: More wallets in wallet- connect options Improvement: Significant performance updates Improvement: More simplified UI for feed and easy to comment Improvement: Videos and GIFs from Lens Improvement: Lens likes Improvement: Sign to Lens API from:

16/12/2022 Release Improvement: Feed filter

25/11/2022 Release Added: Lens dispatcher support

20/09/2022 Release: 6.2.2 Improvement: Various performance updates & bug fixes

07/09/2022 Release Added: Lens collect feature

17/08/2022 Release: 6.1.2 Added: Feed filter

26/07/2022 Release Added: Mobile NFT connection Improvement: Lens connection process

12/07/2022 Release: 5.9.7 Added: Lens mirroring Improvement: Various performance updates & bug fixes

01/07/2022 Release: 5.9.6 Added: Downvotes and upvotes are back Added: List of staked users and notification Added: Optional Lens posting Added: New collection tabs in profile

13/06/2022 Release: 5.9.4 Added: Profile reporting Improvement: Comments, multi level commenting Improvement: Premium topics Improvement: Lens comments

05/03/2022 Release: 5.6.2 Added: Reactions Improvements: Notifications Improvement: Various performance updates & bug fixes

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