Phaver x Lens Protocol

Updated at April 3rd 2024

How to get eligible for the Lens whitelist?

  • First of all, if you don’t have a Phaver account you should sign up Frens! You can use the “earlybird” code.

  • After signup, you should connect your Lens to Phaver. If you don’t have one yet, you can mint via or you can reach Level 2 and mint free one through Phaver. But you need to reach Level 2 and it might take time so best option is minting one via

  • How you can connect your Lens to Phaver?

    • There are 2 options:

      • From desktop:

        • Login your Phaver account

        • Click Lens Protocol part

        • Connect the wallet which you hold Lens Profile NFT (You have to be on Polygon chain)

        • Allow wallet permissions

        • It’s done, restart Phaver app.

      • From mobile:

        • Go to your Dashboard page from the Level icon in top right corner of your feed

        • From Onboarding choose “Get Connected”

        • Click “Connect a Lens Profile” from the list

        • Complete the process by giving wallet permissions and signing messages. (You have to be on the Polygon chain)

        • It’s done, if you don’t see the profile, restart the Phaver app.

  • After Lens connection process, you should connect at least one NFT to Phaver. The easiest and free solution is the Anima PoP. You can read more at:

  • Your primary wallet address (by default the first wallet you connected to Cred but you can change in the dashboard) will be whitelisted.

  • Please follow our socials for confirmation on mint date and time. It will be FCFS (First Come First Serve). You should be fast, Frens!

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