Connecting an NFT

TL;DR - Connecting your NFT

Connecting your NFTs is something that you only have to do once.

Connect your NFTs to Phaver Via our new mobile wallet connect flow. Alternatively you can connect via desktop (mobile wallets are notoriously buggy 😂) Explainer videos are at the bottom so feel free to go ahead and skip all the text if thats easier 🤝

Option 1: Connecting Via Mobile

  1. Go to your profile

  2. Toggle to collections > then click on "here" to connect your NFTs

  1. Select verify my NFTs and follow the steps 4 - 7 outlined above

  2. Select the wallet where you are you are keeping your NFTs

  3. Once your wallet has been connected - all of the eligible NFTs in wallet will appear that can be connected to your Phaver profile

  4. Sign a verification request from your wallet

  5. DONE ✅


  1. connecting your NFTs to Phaver is for verification purposes only. Phaver does in no way interact with the NFT contract itself but only verifies that you are in fact the legitimate owner of the asset.

  2. Connecting an already connected NFT to a new Phaver account is possible but will remove the connection on the old account

Option 2: Connect Via Desktop

  1. Login to Phaver (so we know who is verifying their NFTs)

  2. Select "Verify my NFTs"

  3. Follow steps 4 to 7 mentioned above 🫡

NB: if you see the message below then it means your project has not yet been added to the Phaver NFT Whitelist

The Utility

Connecting your NFT to Phaver now enables you to leverage your most colourful assets to have access to various perks and benefits 🎫

Token-gated topics

All Phaver users will be able to view token-gated topics but only NFT holders of that specific topic will be able to interact with the content posted

In other words, holders are “read and Write enabled” and non holders are “read-only enabled”.

NFT Verified Profile Pictures

Verifying your NFT with Phaver and then setting it as your profile picture will set your profile apart from the crowds

  • Verified NFTs used as PFPs is displayed as a distinct square image on your profile as opposed to the regular circle

  • Clicking on an NFT profile picture will take you directly to that asset collection on OpenSea enabling users to quickly view NFT collection details of various Phaver users

NFTs help you Level up as a Phaver User

Phaver has a number of verification levels that become achievable by a user completing certain verification tasks or verification proofs. Achieving these levels allows for increased perks and rewards at each tier.

Connecting a Phaver whitelisted NFT as one of the verification proofs enables a user to become Phaver Level 2 verified.

Explainer Video part 1.

Explainer Video - Part 2

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