Supported NFT List (ongoing)

This is a list of supported NFTs that a user can connect to the Phaver app to earn Phaver Cred and Points. We are always expanding support of new projects on an ongoing basis

Phaver Supported NFTs

Alpha Traders Country Club Official -


Coinage Media (Subscriber, Caucus, Network) -

DenDekaDen Genesis Omikuji -

GHO Passport - (SBT, can't be traded)

Otherdeed for Otherside -

The Smurfs' Society | Legendary - Collection -

WADE Friends & Family Official -

Credible Credentials

Phaver Frens - Tag (Not tradeable) - PAUSED

Phaver Verified - Tag - Case-by-case to KOLs, partners, & Phaver users who've met the team

Biom - Art Basel Miami '23 - SBT (Not tradeable) - For attendees of the event

DegenScore Beacon -

Distinguished Voter by Phaver -

GANG SBT - Not tradeable -

Monte Kripto Kontu - Not tradeable -

Phaver KYC by Galxe Passport - - DISCONTINUED

SwissBorg Private Sale Investor -

Moca ID - Not tradeable - Available for L2 users from Cred Dashboard

Winning Circle SBT - Not tradeable -

Zazen SBT - Not tradeable - For OG members of Live Like A Cat

Greatest Achievements

Kleoverse Github Passport - - DISCONTINUED

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