Campaign FAQ

  1. Why should I participate with Binance Web3 Wallet?

This special campaign is only available to users of Binance Web3 Wallet with their MPC wallet. If you are unable to create one you can still participate in the Phairdrop with standard rules listed at by using the Phaver app actively.

  1. When can I check and claim my airdrop?

If you have created a Phaver account and connected your NFT there, you can check your total Phairdrop at with your Phaver username. Other eligible users are determined after the campaign and final Phairdrop snapshot in Phaver’s official social channels. Claiming will happen as part of Season 1 Phairdrop claiming after the token has been released and instructions will be provided in and Phaver’s social channels. Be aware of scams and do not sign any suspicious transactions.

  1. How and what are the steps I should follow to receive my reward?

If you are part of the eligible users described in the question above, you should follow the claiming instructions provided at after the token listing announcement.

  1. Which chain can I claim for my future airdrop?

The token is released on Ethereum, but we will also provide at least one alternative chain for lower gas fees in redeeming. The final claiming instructions will be released after the listing announcement.

  1. Is there any other ways for me to receive more rewards by participating in Phaver’s ecosystem?

Yes, you can qualify for up to 110,000 $SOCIAL by downloading the Phaver mobile app, connecting your campaign NFT and qualifying for additional rewards based on the criteria in The Campaign NFT will provide you with an additional 500 Phaver Points each day until the snapshot that count towards your Phairdrop, and also gives you an additional 10% of $SOCIAL on top of your snapshot amount, even on top of the 100,000 maximum in the snapshot.

  1. How can I check if my SBT is successfully minted?

The NFT should be visible in the NFTs tab in your Binance Web3 Wallet and also visible in the list of connectable assets when connecting your Web3 Wallet on Phaver inside the app or at You can also visit the Polygonscan page on the success page after claiming or at any point enter your Web3 Wallet Polygon address in to see received NFTs. If the claiming failed you can try again, the system will check whether one has been minted in that address already or not.

  1. Where should I go and seek help if I need support to participate in this campaign?

You can visit the support channel in Phaver’s official Discord or the Telegram channel, which both have 24/7 live support on any questions related to Phaver or the campaign.

  1. Will every wallet participating in this campaign be qualified to receive future $SOCIAL token airdrops?

Only the first 100,000 qualifying Binance MPC Web3 Wallets who have completed KYC will be eligible for the guaranteed 300 $SOCIAL. Anyone can qualify for additional rewards in Season 1 and any future airdrops by joining Phaver app and earning Phaver Points.

  1. How do I earn more Phaver Points in the Phaver app?

    • Connecting NFTs: Connect the Binance Web3 Wallet with the SOCIAL Summer NFT into Phaver to earn 500 Phaver Points daily. Other supported NFTs also earn points.

    • Onboarding bonus: Complete the onboarding tasks in-app to earn 1000 Points instantly.

    • Referral bonus: Invite a friend using your Phaver username as invite code. You both earn 1000 Points when they reach Level 2.

    • Phaving: After you reach Level 2, you start receiving 5 free Phaves daily. Earn points for early Phaving of popular posts.

    • Posting: Earn points when others Phave your Premium or Super Posts.

    • Open the app every day to get your points! These points will become exchangeable to Phavercoin $SOCIAL at TGE, based on your Cred Level in the app.

  2. How to Level up in Phaver?

Be active daily to earn Phaver Cred based on the NFTs and badges connected to your account. You need 10 Cred to reach Level 2. If you don’t have any supported NFTs you can mint the free Anima Proof-of-Personhood during onboarding, which earns 10 Cred a day, so you would Level up to 2 in only one day.

  1. How to qualify for the Phairdrop?

    • Reach Level 2 or above

    • Connect a Lens profile (claim for free at Level 2 in My Account section)

    • Connect a Farcaster profile (claim for free at Level 2 in My Account section)

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