Need to know something about the Phaver Cred Score and how it works? You're in the right place

  1. How is Phaver Cred earned? Connect all your NFTs to Phaver at connect.phaver.com and use the Phaver app daily to earn Cred and Points each day.

  2. What is the purpose of Phaver Cred? Cred has been created to help separate the unique users and bots or duplicates from each other and also reward the users who are the most engaged in the Web3 ecosystem.

  3. How can NFT holders benefit from Phaver Cred? NFT holders can earn a risk-free yield for any quality NFTs in their wallets by connecting them on Phaver and using the app actively.

  4. What perks can be achieved by leveling up in Phaver? By leveling up in Phaver, users can gain increased perks such as feed visibility and higher redemption of Phaver Points to Tokens after TGE. The benefits will be updated frequently and the latest ones can always be found inside the Phaver app by clicking on the info button in the Cred section.

  5. How does Cred make Phaver better than Web2 apps like Twitter where anyone now gets a blue tick? Phaver Cred allows users to build their credibility in a gamified way by connecting unique (and digitally verifiable) assets from NFTs to privacy-friendly zero-knowledge IDs, solving the broken credibility and reputation system in Web2 social apps.

  6. What problem does Phaver Cred solve in airdrop campaigns? Phaver Cred prevents multi-accounting and farming, which are commonly used to boost numbers in airdrop campaigns without providing real value. This ensures that bots and farmers are not rewarded for their harmful actions, improving the airdrop experience for genuine users.

  7. How does Phaver Cred reward previous achievements of users? Phaver Cred transfers reputation from other platforms (e.g. Twitter or Degenscore) and uses soulbound tokens and other credentials to reward users who have already built their reputation elsewhere. These assets also earn the user Points on each active day, which can be used inside the app or later redeemed for tokens.

  8. What are the benefits of earning Phaver Points through in-app actions? Earning Phaver Points through in-app actions allows users to unlock perks such as feed visibility, and the Points can be redeemed for Phaver tokens in the future.

  9. How does the leveling system work in Phaver Cred? The leveling system in Phaver Cred is based on a Cred Score earned in 30-day qualification period starting from your first day of earning Cred. When you qualify for a higher level you keep that level for the rest of that 30-day period as well as the next 30-day period during which you need to requalify to keep the level. The system works similarly to most travel loyalty programs, except Phaver users 30 days instead of 1 year to allow faster qualifying. If this sounds complicated, just connect your NFTs and use Phaver every day and you will automatically reach new levels.

  10. Can I still earn cred if I don’t own any NFTs? The first version of Cred only supports NFTs but not all of them cost money or can be bought. Besides NFTs like Bored Apes, you can also connect free badges such as:

  • Kleoverse Proof-of-talent badges

  • Phaver x Clique Soulbound tokens

  • GALXE Passport,

  • Coming soon: OATs, W3STs etc.

  1. What are the different levels in Phaver Cred and their associated perks?

There are four levels in Phaver Cred:

  • Level 1: New Phaver users automatically start here, but they do not receive free Stakes and are not eligible to redeem tokens after TGE.

  • Level 2: Unique users who have daily in-app activity and unique assets in connected wallets. Level 2 users get access to free Stakes, show on trending lists and feeds, and can redeem points for tokens after TGE.

  • Level 3: Reached by the top 5% of Phaver users who are active in Phaver and Web3 in general. Level 3 offers higher amounts of Stakes, visibility, redeemable tokens, and more.

  • Level 4: This highest tier is for less than 1% of users, including NFT whales, Twitter KOLs, original degens, and other active Web3 super users. Level 4 provides significant airdrop opportunities and helps users rebuild their reach in the Web3 social world more easily.

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