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As Phaver’s userbase has grown and our understanding deepened, it’s time for a change. We’re introducing Phaver Communities, allowing us to expand while retaining the unique sense of community and frens that's been here since the early days. Phaver Communities is not only a place for everyone to find their own place and interests but also a new home to many NFT communities currently in less optimal environments like buggy Discords.

What does community mean for Phaver? When we started building Phaver, we began with just 100 users, growing to 1,000, then 10,000, and now more than 250,000 unique users. We’ve always believed that the community is the most important part of what we do at Phaver. Your contributions and efforts to make your voices heard mean the world to us. We couldn't keep this community thriving without all of you. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your support and we will always remember a community is not a feature, it’s always a group of people, who we help connect.

Phaver Communities explained A lot of the logic is similar to Topics before, with Premium topics now becoming Premium Communities, initially keeping the same earnings logic as before. We are, however introducing new types and labels to allow a lot more use cases:

Visibility Public: This community is public and posts in it can be viewed by everyone. Posts will also be visible in the poster’s profile and followers’ feed. Private: This community is Private and posts can only be seen after joining it. Posts will not be visible in the poster’s profile or feeds of non-members. Posts can not be mirrored to others.

Access Open: This community is open for everyone to join and post into. Premium: This community is open for everyone to join but posting in Premium communities cost Points. Posts in Premium communities will also earn higher rewards from Stakes. Holders: This community can only be joined and posted into by holders of related NFTs. Connect a wallet with an eligible NFT to join.

In the first phase, Open and Premium Communities are all Public and Holder Communities are Private, but other combinations will be introduced later.

What other changes are there? Community tab: You can now access Communities from their own tab in the bottom navi. Soon you can also navigate Communities based on categories for easier discovery.

Discovery page: Discovery page is now dedicated to search and trending users, with a much requested addition of recent searches listed when opening the search bar. An all-new Discovery page is coming soon!

Posting & mirroring flow: Until now, topics were selected after creating a post, but this has led to a lot of off-topic posting which makes it harder to find quality content. Now the posts and mirrors go only into your own profile when using the mirror and + buttons.

Posting into a community: To ensure Communities receive more relevant posts that are intended for that audience, it is only possible to post into Communities from inside them after joining as a member. Mirroring is, at least initially, not possible into communities as we want to focus on original content in them.

Local communities: To make it easier for people to communicate in their native language, we offer a range of local language Communities, very soon to be followed by translated versions of the Phaver app. This allows our active communities in Japan, Korea, China, Nigeria, Turkey and many other countries to discover each other and even organize local Phaver meetups. Soon it will also be possible to filter communities based on their language.

How do I earn Points with Communities? There are new exciting ways to earn Points coming very soon, but initially the model is similar to before: Posting into a Premium Community costs you Points but gives a higher reward just like Topics before. And if you want to earn more points with your posts but don’t have a relevant community, we have introduced a new DID IT FOR POINTS Community with a lower posting fee so you can still get the extra rewards and avoid off-topic posting.

How can I apply for Frens badge in-app? Just like before, but the applications are now posted into the FRENS APPLICATIONS Premium Community. Remember to write clear reasons why you would deserve a Frens badge and allow up to a few weeks for review due to the high number of applications right now.

How can I suggest a new community? As before, but now, you should choose COMMUNITY SUGGESTIONS community in the Community page, join and post your ideas there.

Why were these changes made? As always, Phaver is continuously innovating to unlock faster growth and better user experiences. We hope that allowing communities to be built based on any NFT will allow more people to see the value of Web3 as they can meet fellow holders of the same NFT project, visitors to same POAP-giving event, Fan-NFTs or tickets from their favorite artist or for example a members-only soulbound token.

Our launch partners for Holder Communities include top projects like Pudgy Penguins, Mocaverse, DegenScore and Wassies, so we are very bullish on there being a need for this in the market.

We also aim to improve the quality of content compared to Topics and make it easier for everyone to connect with like-minded people. We’re just getting started so we look forward to your feedback and suggestions as we keep building the system to better serve all of you.

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