Connecting Multiple Wallets

Showcase all of the NFTs that you own by connecting multiple wallets to your Phaver Profile

You may be wondering, how can I show all my NFTs on Phaver if they are stored in different wallets? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Connecting multiple wallets to a single Phaver profile has been made super easy to allow you to display all of your NFTs that you may have.

Things to note:

  • You have 3 primary options to connect multiple wallets to phaver: MetaMask, BitKeep and then Wallet Connect (this will provide you with a number of options)

  • You can connect as many wallets as you like with each option

  • Connect multiple wallets within MetaMask by switching the accounts in the MetaMask browser extension

  • Connect multiple wallets using wallet connect by selecting the wallet from the dropdown


  1. Verify the NFTs that you have in that wallet by selecting them and clicking "Verify"

  2. Once NFTs are verified then click on "Switch Wallet"

  3. Repeat this process with all of your other wallets that you want to connect to your Phaver profile

  4. Thats it! Now time to go and enjoy Phaver πŸ’œ

Example Conneting Multiple Wallets

Here is an example of someone connecting multiple wallets. Mrs Crypto has the following Wallets that hold a number of NFTs:

Ledger Hardwallet: Holds a CryptoPunk and 3 Board Apes - Can be connected through the ledger option via Wallet Connect

MetaMask: She has multiple accounts on MataMask; Account 1 called "Phaver Test account" with 3 BAYC and account 2 called "Burner Mars" with 4 Azuki's. She can connect both of them by selecting the different accounts on the MetaMask extension itself.

The NFTs in each wallet will automatically appear once the wallet has been selected. After verifying the NFTs in each account, MrsCrypto can switch to another wallet

Video Tutorial

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