Anima Proof-of-Personhood

A key goal for Phaver Cred has always been to make it easy for real humans to earn but very hard for bots. As we know currently, it has only been easy for those holding NFTs, we have rolled out a new way for everyone to get enough Cred to reach level two with just a face required.

To keep bots away, the Anima proof-of-personhood platform stores a unique privacy-safe facial print of each user and stores it in your wallet, to ensure an unbottable one face - one wallet experience. No KYC, no stored images and use is free and completely voluntary for users. For extra security, each scan is valid for 30 days and needs to be completed monthly to keep receiving Cred.

So how does it work?

  • Connect your wallet in the top right corner (use one already connected to Phaver to save time)

  • Click “Claim your NFT”

  • Click “I’m a human” checkbox to proceed

  • Allow camera permissions and complete the facial scan (mobile or computer)

  • After a successful scan, you receive the NFT to prove you are unique

  • If you used a wallet already connected on Phaver you can update the content by clicking “Refresh All Wallet Assets” in Wallet Manager inside the Cred dashboard to see your new NFT

  • If you used a wallet not on Phaver, you can connect the wallet in the same Wallet Manager view or on your browser at

  • You are now eligible to receive Cred for your Anima for the next 30 days before needing to refresh

To protect from abuse, the Anima facial scan needs to be recompleted every 30 days to keep providing Cred. You will receive a notification when your Anima is about to expire and it only takes seconds to redo the same process with the same wallet and refresh the timestamp for your verification.

We appreciate this is extra work, but it will make our system significantly more bot-resistant and with that increase a lot the value of rewards for all genuine users.

With Phaver, it is possible to build a sustainable and open social future in the Web3 ecosystem.

Keep Phavering!

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