Phaver Points Auction

Updated at April 3rd 2024

How does the auction work?

There will be 3 unique auctions, each running for one week. Each week we will give 20 NFTs for the highest Points bidders and 5 NFTs for the winners of the raffle. Rules are the same for each of the auctions. So whenever we announced, you can bid with the exact format which we shared. If you don’t follow the bidding rule, your bid will be invalid. Let’s see, who will bid the highest Points for this unique NFT!


  • First off all you shouldn’t have multiple Phaver accounts, it’s against our community guidelines.

  • You have to connect at least one wallet and make it primary to be able to get a Phaver-Up NFT as the winners will receive them airdropped in their primary wallet on Phaver.

  • You should share your post on the “Phaver-Up Auction” Community to participate in the auction.

  • Post must include this exact sentence:

    I bid **** Phaver Points in the Week 3 Phaver-Up Auction

  • If you don’t include the words above or bid higher than you have Points currently, your bid will be invalid. You can add any other texts and images besides this mandatory text.

  • The post needs to be SUPER POST and the visibility setting needs to be Everyone on Lens and Phaver

  • Don’t forget you have to share on Phaver-Up Auction Community on Phaver, if you share on other communities, your bid will be invalid. If you don’t have a Phaver account, sign up now easily and participate in this auction!

  • Bidding will start from 500 points, so you can increase as much you want. But bids under 500 will be invalid for the raffle. If you signed up recently and don’t have that many points, don’t worry, you can earn 960 points immediately by completing onboarding tasks on Phaver.

  • If you would also like to participate in a raffle of 5 additional NFTs, make sure to make your bid a Super Post for 500 Points. Each Super Post bid is a ticket in the raffle and can win a free NFT even if you do not win the auction.

  • You can bid many times during same auction, but you have to follow the post template. Only your highest bid will be counted.

  • The team will frequently during the auction post lists of top 20 bidders. If your name is not on the list can increase your bid to match the list, only the situation at the end of the auction counts.

  • 20 highest bidders will be announced after the end of the auction. Winners will get the NFT as an airdrop to their primary wallet on Phaver within 3 days and the points they bid will be deducted from their Phaver account

  • The process will repeat for 2 more weeks for 2 more chances to win. Please make sure you are bidding by following rules, otherwise your bid will be invalid.

  • Each user can only qualify for winning one NFT, so if you have already won your bids will not be considered

  • Old bids for 1st auction will not count for other auctions, so you will have to bid again, if you want to participate. Rules are the same for each auction.

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