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How to get to Phaver Level 2

This is the how-to guide on how you can become a Phaver level 2 user and start earning Phaver Cred today.

TL;DR - What you need to do to get to Level 2

Below are 4 easy ways that you can start earning Phaver cred and become a Phaver Level 2 user. In each case we use on-chain assets (credentials or NFTs) that you can connect to Phaver at to boost you Phaver Cred earnings. You can connect all four to earn additional Cred.
How to get to Level 2 for free 😍 (No expensive NFTs needed) 1. Mint a Galxe Passport - (PAUSED) 2. Mint a Kleoverse Badge - 3. Join a Phaver in-app campaign to win a Phaver SBT (enter invite code) 4. Mint a Clique SBT (Temporarily not available due to Twitter limits) Phaver also supports number of well known and partner NFT projects and will continue to grow the number of supported projects continuously. Check the list here, or in-app:
Important note: Phaver Cred is earned from daily Activity in the Phaver App ✅ Phaver cred and points are not awarded to users that are not active in the app ❌

Check your level:

Why you should get to Level 2

Check out this page for information on what Phaver Cred is and why you should earn Phaver Cred 🤝

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