Discover page

The discover page is where you can find new content, topics and people to follow


The discover page is where you find new and interesting content to explore within the Phaver app
The explore page is broken up into the following sections
  • Premium topics
  • Trending topics
  • Suggested profiles to check out
  • Personalises invite code to share with your friends

Premium Topics

Premium topics are for quality over quantity. These topics that require users to pay a certain number of Phaver points to make a post
The premium topics will change and develop over time. The number of premium topics available and the amount of points required to make a post will change. Currently most premium topics require 50p to make a post.
Look out for topics with a star - these are the premium topics
See what the Phaver community is loving the most. Trending topics are generating the most attention from the Phaver community

Suggested Profiles

You will come across some suggested profiles that are hot on Phaver. Give them a follow to check out some content

Spread the word

Phaver is only a great place to be because your friends are there. Spread the word and get rewarded.
By sharing your personalised invite link with your friends - you earn Phaver points when they join.
P.S your Invite code is your Phaver username

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