Lens collects

Collecting a post on Lens means that you mint a transferable NFT of that post


A Lens collect makes the post a collectable NFT item. Collecting a post as an NFT allows the collector to mint the NFT to their profile but that NFT can be transferred (bought/sold/sent) to other wallets in the future.
Lens collected NFTs are minted on demand on the Polygon Network. Phaver currently covers the gas fees to mint to make it as easy as possible for you to use.
Lens Collects can only be minted for posts that have been made on profiles connected to Lens. Phaver-only posts cannot be collected as NFTs.
Lens collected NFTs mint to your Polygon wallet and become available for transfer on platforms like Opensea.
My Lens collect of one of my own Posts on Opensea - available for transfer to another wallet or can be put up for sale

Where Can I find my Lens Collects on Phaver?

Visit your Phaver profile to see all of your Lens Collected NFTs.
See the Help Centre section "Collections Tab"

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